LIA Finance Microcredential Program

Personal Finance Lab and Latinos in Action have partnered up to provide students with the opportunity to better understand finances. This micro-credential provides a means to develop skills and a knowledge base to successfully manage a budget and build a basic understanding of financial literacy. 

NOTE: This course is not the equivalent of a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA/PCT) or Medical Assistant (MA) program. This course is not designed for pediatric health screening.

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Module 2: Needs vs Wants Budgeting Part 1 First 3 months of game

The learner performs a minimum of two health screenings and completes the forms provided by Intermountain Healthcare. Students will then place the screening forms inside the official Intermountain Healthcare envelope, seal it, and return to the teacher.
Students will then complete the Implementation (Health Screening Verification) Form with the teacher’s signature and upload it to the microcredential site as Evidence #2.

Module 3: Needs vs Wants Budgeting Part 2 second 3 months of game

Module 6: Journal About the conversation about thinking for the future?

Suggested Microcredential Completion Timeline